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Bonnie Bleu

(512) 701-5103

ABOUT - Artist Statement

"Imagination is more important than knowledge", Albert Einstein

Creating art allows me to truly be, igniting my true being.  Continuously evolving along this journey, somewhat like a pendulum, swinging effect.  Such as melodies from a song.  No matter how small an ant I feel in this mass universe, art allows me to follow instincts and be a creator of atmosphere.  Allowing to create, express, to be myself.  Doing something that makes me happy.  Hoping, I can look back one day knowing I worked very hard to find the meaning of life, and why I was put here on this earth.  Living the most fulfilling life on earth.

My Creative background began with dance at a young age (my dreams of becoming a fly girl on, In Living Color, diminished when I realized I wasn't that great at it).  Then I discovered an interest in photography after purchasing an AE-1 cannon camera from a garage sale down the street from my house in High school.  Took my first class (darkroom days), at Brookhaven College.  Soon after, receiving a minor in photography at Southern Methodist University, located in Dallas, Texas).  Then I discovered my passion for Interior Design (self taught, and made the most money per hour than I've ever made thus far).  Not until moving to Houston in 2015 did I begin painting (self taught, never have taken a painting class, and can't draw a stick figure.  Still).  I purchased a Buddha Board from the Contemporary Arts Museum (at their gift shop), located in Houston, Texas.  Next door from the museum, I discovered discovered the Jung Center.  Got involved, having taken some classes, along with having the opportunity to showcase paintings...  And all the synchronicities (along and in-between the way).

"No two snowflakes are alike", Wilson A. Bentley - The snowflake Man (family from my mom's side.  Makes me very proud).


Other artist inspire me through their personal mediums of expression.  Life.  Tarot Cards, Philosophy, sociology, psychology, science, theology, the cosmos, nature, plants, people, and animals, my environment and the kids toy isles.